Muscle Burns More Fat

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The main concern of many fitness enthusiasts is to burn away that annoying fat that inevitably gathers on our waists, thighs and bottoms. The goal of becoming physically fit is to lower our body fat percentage and that is a good goal for anyone. Fat isn’t healthy and certainly not attractive. The big question is, what exercises are best for burning away that unwanted fat?

It is a common belief that by burning calories, we will eliminate that pesky fat and that is somewhat true. The fact is, the more muscle we build the quicker fat (and calories) burn. What that means is that by lifting weights and building muscle, we increase our ability to burn fat. In other words, by spending a great deal of time on a treadmill or stationary bicycle, we are indeed burning calories but not optimizing a fat burning workout.

Lifting weights, doing battle rope workouts and pushing or pulling a weighted sled are just a few exercises designed to increase muscle mass which allows our bodies to burn more calories and fat with every run on the treadmill or spin on a bike.

When you are first starting a fitness regimen and looking for the right way to do so, don’t think that joining a spin class or buying a treadmill is going to quickly change your life. According to fitness experts across the country, the best way to burn fat away is to first build muscle, which can and often does increase your weight. Muscle weighs far more than fat. Don’t be frustrated if, when you first get started, you don’t lose an ounce of weight. As you build muscle you will notice not only the loss of pounds but the elimination of that fat that brought you to the gym in the first place.