General Versus Focused Fitness

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Is it better to get a general level of fitness or to focus your energy on a certain part of the body? It certainly depends greatly on the individual asking the question, but for the great majority of people these days, a general level of fitness will do best.

To achieve a well rounded level of fitness, all one needs to do is go to a bootcamp gym several times a week. Nearly any reputable bootcamp classes will provide a full body workout that will burn calories and strengthen the major muscle groups all at once. Additionally, one simply needs to practice a healthy diet and a general level of fitness will be achieved through these types of group fitness classes. Realistically, personal trainers believe everyone should be doing this regardless of any other fitness goals that they may have. Even if they want to focus on developing a specific part of their body, it will be far easier to do if they are already generally fit.

Why would one want to focus their fitness routine? Well, most people that are generally fit don’t have a visible six pack or have chisled muscles anywhere else for that matter. If you want abs of steel or rippling arm or leg muscles, then you’ll need to focus on those areas. Should you just focus and skip the full body workout at your bootcamp gym? Absolutely not. All you have to do is integrate your focused workouts with your general ones at a bootcamp gym.

Talk to personal trainers if you need advice on how to design a workout routine that will keep your general level of fitness while effectively developing your focus areas. Regardless though, of your ultimate fitness goals, you’ll be glad that you have kept up on your general fitness as it will make all your future fitness goals that much easier to achieve.