Fitness Procrastination

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We’re all guilty of it from time to time and no one is immune to it. Fitness procrastination can make it extremely difficult to get up and go to your bootcamp classes or even just removing yourself from the couch. There are many reasons that you may feeling fitness procrastination, but the only consistently effective method of beating it is to just go to your fitness classes.

What if you don’t have classes or aren’t a member of a bootcamp gym? Well, that could possibly be a contributing factor to your procrastination. If you skip your jog, the consequences are minimal. If you skip going to a class that you have already paid for on the other hand, you’ll probably be more likely to actually go.

The bigger reason that many people find it hard to procrastinate when they are a member to a bootcamp gym is that most of these places create an environment of communal fitness and motivation. This community that is created can be a very strong motivator for even the most procrastination prone person. This is especially true when you start making friends and feel like you are letting them down if you skip out.

Don’t forget though that in the end, the only person that you are truly letting down is yourself when you procrastinate in your fitness. There won’t always be another tomorrow for you to start bootcamp classes. If you want to live longer and feel better, stop putting off what you can do right now to make those things a reality. Bootcamp classes only take about an hour and if you do them a few times a week, that’s a drop in the bucket. You may find that you have more time because you have more energy to do the other things that you’ve been putting off.