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An athlete starts as a state of mind followed by action. When Ron was growing up in Haiti, he was described as an adventurer. Climbed trees, played sports and was fearless of nature. By the time he moved to Florida when he was 13, he was already skilled at soccer and basketball. When most teenagers wanted to hang out, he was looking forward to basketball games and practice. In fact, his first itch to become a trainer was at a young age. Through practices, he appreciated the comradery between the team while being coached to be the best individual he could be.

In 2007, he met his now wife – Jai – while she was in town from NYC. They spoke of their love of fitness and sports (Jai also played basketball growing up and was a cheerleader through her first year of college). Eventually they both lived in New York City, got married and had a son. The pregnancy was also the birth of their training business. Due to poor eating habits, Jai developed Pre-Eclampsia, high blood pressure and had to be induced to deliver their boy. Her doctor said that a very small percentage of pregnancies develop Pre- Eccemplsia but a high number of that percentage comes from the Bronx.

In 2011, Ron and Jai moved on from training in luxury Manhattan gyms and created Jai Faith Fitness in a space in the Bronx. They created unique workouts based on their specialties. Ron’s classes have a feel of a sports practice combining sports agility, strength and power using multiple forms of equipment as well as good old fashioned body weight. It is where the general population relives that feeling of practice but catered to their current fitness capabilities while progressing them to where they can be.

Over the past four years, their clients have lost anywhere from their last 5 pounds – 90 pounds. They have become the “go to” for Bronx net Television as fitness experts and for the Bronx Borough President’s office for fitness events. They created an active after care program for children and were vendors for the Department of Education. They raised money for numerous charities through fitness events such as Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ($6,000) and the American Cancer Society (over $2000).