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It takes a very special person to inspire those who inspire us. Manning Sumner has been training high end professional athletes and elite celebrities for over a decade, inspiring them to improve their conditioning, maintain game shape during the off-season and guiding some through painful rehabilitation from injury. A former collegiate football player at Auburn University, Manning knows what it takes to become the pinnacle of fitness that is required to be a professional athlete or superstar performer.  The “who’s who” of professional sports and entertainment that is his clientele reflects his passion and commitment to inspire those amazing athletes and shining celebrities who so inspire us.


– RICO LOVE – Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwriter –


“In Manning Sumner I didn’t just find a trainer I found a true believer and friend. Most people will talk about how they had low self-esteem and confidence issues, but for me that wasn’t the case. I always felt alone in life, like it was me against the world. With Manning and the Legacy Fit® training I found a mental and physical therapy. He taught me how to release my stress in a positive way and how to look amazing in the process.

I smile everyday now. I don’t allow evil people and their evil energy to affect me like I used to and I have God and Manning to thank for that. I will continue to train with him not just for physical purposes but more so for the spiritual value that it brings me. He’s an amazing trainer and more than that, an exceptional person.” – Rico Love