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“We should be consistent in all that we do… whatever it is be the very best we can be in that moment, not complaining but constantly improving on a consistent basis.”

Manning Sumner was born into fitness…he could throw a football before he could walk. His parents had him involved in training at a very young age, everything from nutrition to exercise. He received a scholarship to play football at Auburn University, lettered three years as a linebacker/fullback and completed a degree in Health Promotions. He then spent a year at Samford University as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and personal trainer to professional and collegiate athletes.

After moving to Miami, he began to train a variety of clients, from entertainers and professional athletes to career individuals of all fitness levels. Manning quickly realized that by infusing his own passion and energy into every training session, he was able to inspire and elevate even the most elite professional athlete to a new level of commitment to conditioning and fitness.

Manning launched “Legacy Fit®” in 2008, branding his fitness philosophies, attitude and style into a unique, one-of-a-kind training facility. He created an environment made for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes striving for excellence by achieving the highest fitness goals.  His clientele of professional athletes and celebrities grew as Legacy Fit® quickly became the number one boot camp gym in Miami.

In 2012, Manning put his life philosophy on paper and wrote the lifestyle guide, “No Days OFF®”. Created to influence anyone with a desire to live life to the fullest, the book instantly gained popularity and resulted in the “NDO Movement,” influencing celebrities, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country to become the very best they could be.

Trainer to the pros, Manning used his experience with high end athletes to develop a facility and lifestyle philosophy unlike any other…a professional level fitness center and lifestyle guide providing the best of the best to not only Pro Bowl NFL players and National Champion NBA stars, but to every person with a desire to become more.

PIT™:  Partner Interval Training™

Found exclusively at Legacy Fit® Bootcamp Gyms, Partner Interval Training™ or P.I.T.™  is a revolutionary spin on traditional group fitness classes.  Developed by Professional Athlete Trainer and Legacy Fit founder, Manning Sumner, P.I.T.™ is a proven method of increasing success in reaching personal fitness goals.  Tried and tested on thousands of fitness enthusiasts at the Miami location of Legacy Fit®, P.I.T™.  has proven to be one of the most effective developments in the world of fitness over the past several decades and is available ONLY at Legacy Fit® facilities Worldwide.