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If you and I were standing on the street and the “me” I was two years ago were to walk by, you wouldn’t recognize me. Weighing over 250 pounds, living on a diet of soda, cereal and pizza, and the high blood pressure show for it, stressed out from a bad relationship and just broken down by life, I knew I needed a change…not just something but everything. The minute I walked into Legacy Fit® and took my first bootcamp class, I knew I had found that change.

I followed every aspect of the 84 days #NoDaysOff® challenge. That doesn’t just mean working with a personal trainer and attending the best bootcamp in Miami. It meant changing my diet as well. Out went the pizza and soda, in came the egg whites and chicken. I knew that there was a better way that I wanted to live, a lifestyle that I wanted to have.

I’m proud that I’m now 200 pounds with 6% body fat. I’m more proud that my new lifestyle has helped my self-esteem and given me a positive outlook on life. What I am most proud of, however, is that every person I work with, who has been where I was and takes no days off because they want to get to where I am, today, can do so. You want a personal trainer who is invested in you and helping you achieve your results. I know what it’s like to be there and I know what it takes to grow from there. I make sure every one of my clients has the opportunity to get their success and change their lifestyle. #NoDaysOff®