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Founded by athlete, entrepreneur and author, Manning Sumner in 2008, Legacy Fit® represents the finest in personal and professional level physical fitness. Specializing in High Intensity Partner Interval classes and private personal training, Legacy Fit® professional trainers focus on both physical and mental fitness by developing a proper exercise regiment and encouraging a healthy diet for each individual client.  From Hall of Fame athletes to desk jockeys and senior citizens, Legacy Fit® is designed to address each and every level of physical fitness by developing personal, trusting relationships between trainer and client.


Originally based in the heart of Miami, FL, Legacy Fit® quickly became the number one bootcamp gym in the city and today is one of the hottest franchise opportunities in the country. Leading the way to a new era of fitness in America, Legacy Fit® incorporates the philosophies within the “No Days OFF®” lifestyle guide penned by Sumner in 2012. By doing so, this allows Legacy Fit® members nationwide to benefit from the knowledge and experience of not only their personal Legacy Fit® trainer, but also of founder Manning Sumner, trainer to the pros.

“When someone trains hard and they are excited about how much stronger and more confident they feel, it’s the best.” – Manning Sumner, Legacy Fit®